Crafts from past summer programs

Take a look at the crafts and activities from previous summers!

Recycled Puzzle Painting Craft

Ever wish you could make your own puzzle without the fuss of creating jigsaw pieces. If you have, join Jared and learn how to recycle an old puzzle for a fun painting craft.

DIY Rainstick Craft

Do you love the sound of rain? Join Jared and make your own rainstick to hear the sound of rain whenever you want!

Cute Flower and Vase Craft

Join Jared and create this cute flower and vase craft! Perfect to put on display or give as a gift.

DIY Superhero Cape

Ever wonder how you can make a superhero cape? Join Jared and make a sewing-free cape!

Milk Carton Birdhouse Craft

If you love bird watching, this is the perfect craft for you! Join Jared as he shows you how to make a simple birdhouse out of a milk carton and other craft supplies.

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