Reading Challenges General Information

This summer, let's get reading! 

When you read a book, you have the chance to earn points towards the grand prize draw in two ways.

First, get 2 points per book read between June 27th and August 21st once you submit a review. Make sure to submit reviews for every book you have read this summer by August 21st.

Second, if you read a book in one of the 6 reading challenges, you can earn 1 bonus point. When you have completed a bonus reading challenge, this can be indicated at the same time as you submit a review. Each bonus challenge can only be counted once, so there is a maximum of 6 bonus points possible per reader.

Submit your reviews and completed bonus challenges here

To submit your reviews, make sure you have registered for the Teen Summer Reading Challenge here.

Not sure what book to get started on? We've got you covered with recommendations for each of the 6 bonus reading challenges.

Don't forget to check out Marigold Program's Summer TeenZine where you can enter your own creative works to be published in our 2023 Zine.
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